About Me

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Joven CalingoThe Love for Art

Coming from a family of non-artists, Joven always find it difficult to express his talents having no one close to emulate. Resources are limited but he is always determined to get things done. And with the help of family and friends, he is able to do what he always love to do – express himself in different forms of art.

Joven has the same dreams as artist have – to achieve whatever the mind can conceive.  He puts together all the necessary tools and elements that is needed for any project at hand.  He strives to improve and outdo himself with every project that comes his way, making each new task better than the one prior. For Joven, good enough is no good at all.

The Musician

Joven began expressing his love for arts through music. With just a regular radio-cassette player (CD’s or MP3’s have not been invented) he emulated all the beats he’d hear by tapping on any available surface (or a pillow) using his hands or at times, pens.  Every morning, he recorded all the good music from the radio and started learning and doing beats.

The opportunity to learn the drums came when he visited an uncle who also wanted to learn the instrument. In a few days, the basic pop beat took shape. But the journey was abruptly interrupted when the instrument had to be taken away.

After a couple of years, the yearning to learn helped the budding drummer find ways to gain more knowledge and training.  He saved his limited college allowance to buy his own drum kit. He even started a band with his friends.  From then on, his love for music grew and has been carried on to this day.  From time to time, though his skills may not be technically superb, he approaches the music he plays in a subtle and mature manner.

Joven Calingo

The Photographer

Photography has been knocking on Joven’s door since his childhood. Hanging out with uncles who love photography was a great motivation. However, the willingness to learn was not there yet for the young man.   He did not have the passion at that time.

But when Joven once assisted an uncle in a dark room, the smell of developers and fixers reawaken his love for photography and reignited his desire to create a photograph.  Back then, Joven thought that the back-end is where he should be, not in the front-end where he can actually capture the image. Little did he know that he would love the other side of the lens too.

Before Joven’s uncle passed away, he saw the young man’s interest in the art of photography and he taught Joven everything he knew about the craft. The late mentor ingrained in Joven more of the artistic side of photography rather than the technical part that Joven has been exposed to in the beginning.  But then, as they say, every good thing always comes to an end, and Joven’s kind mentor joined his Creator. The student was once again left behind with limited knowledge and minimal learning to hold on to.

After 30 or so years, Joven, now married with kids, found the support he needed to continue his passion for the art.  His eagerness to express his art through photography was rekindled. Joven admits that he’s still learning and willing to know more from those who are more experienced and skilled. The way of a great student.

The Future

With a generous knowledge in graphic design, Joven used these skills to further help elevate his art to another level. His exposure to multimedia applications, various events, printing industry, celebrity gatherings and other occasions helped hone his skills and heighten his understanding of the craft. His willingness to learn and his humility and devotion in life has become his driving force to be a better artist–and a better person.

The young boy, who once was just dreaming about art; who was just assisting his uncle in the dark room; who was so eager in stomping his foot on the bass drum pedal, has emerged.  Living his life, and loving every part of it, Joven will continue to pursue his passion to sweet perfection!

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