Just an Old-Fashioned Love Song in the Abbey Road

Going through a list of albums I’ve been wanting to have, those that’s really close to my sentimental heart, I’ve been reminded about Paul Williams’ Just An Old Fashioned Love Song album and The Beatles’ Abbey Road album. Both had significantly nurture my sensitivity to my love for music. One reason is that when I was a young kid, I rarely listen to the radio because my dad will always listen to his AM stations of which most programs are commentaries and political. He enjoys every minute of it because of it being trivial. Maybe that’s where I got my being trivial. I remember one day that he gave me his 2 cassette tapes, one is the Paul Williams and the other, the Beatles. Did he really gave it to me, or I just took it from his car? Can’t remember. Anyway, I listen to this 2 tapes everyday to the point that I even memorized the timing of when the next songs will play. Cassette players before doesn’t have the auto-forward and other automated features our media players have right now. I’ve been listening to these songs over and over and loved them the first I heard them. Its not that I have no choice but these are good stuff. I realized that my dad has a good choice of music, well as long as he doesn’t sing along.

“Just an old-fashioned love song playin’ on the radio

And wrapped around the music is the sound

Of someone promising they’ll never go”

Through those years that we’ve been apart, he’s been always assuring of how even and equal his care for his children. I can remember 10 years ago about his struggle with his cancer and his redemption from it. God knows my dad still has a mission in his life. It’s difficult to ignore the feeling of missing somebody who has three goats as pets at one point, the goats coming to him constantly every day at 3:00 in the afternoon just to be fed with small pieces of bread; someone who’s so funny and not afraid to tell anyone about anything including substance addiction of a relative even though that person he’s referring to is only about 5 feet away from him.

God knows our hearts and how to feed its hunger, its needs for that emptiness the years has created. He just tell us to wait, wait patiently and He’ll do the rest. I believe in the Supreme Being and what He can do for our lives. He knows how I miss my parents, His assigned guardians for us, and He’ll arranged that reunion one day. One day.

To weave our dreams upon and listen to each evening

When the lights are low

To underscore our love affair

With tenderness and feeling that we’ve come to know

You swear you’ve heard it before

As it slowly rambles on and on and

No need in bringin’ `em back,

`Cause they’re never really gone

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